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Afyaspace offers reproductive healthcare services you can trust

Our Promise

Afyaspace is Africa’s premier reproductive health clinic. We specialize in providing holistic treatment for
reproductive health issues of both men and women. Our focus is on proper nutrition, lifestyle wellness and general well-being.


Our Doctors are licensed to practice and have over 10 years of experience providing quality reproductive health care to more than 1,000 patients.

Quality Care

We are committed to offering the highest quality of reproductive health services and care to all our patients

Positive Medical Outcomes

Our health plans and programs have been proven to be effective. Don't take our word for it, check out the testimonials


Our Services Include

  • Diabetes & Hypertension Clinic

  • Men's Sex Health Clinic

  • Fitness & Wellness Clinic

  • Pregnancy Wellness Clinic

  • Gynecology Outpatient Clinic

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Family Planning & Hormonal Health Clinic

  • Gut Health Clinic

  • Lung & Skin Clinic

  • Laboratory & Sonography Services


How to book an appointment

  1. Visit Our Services

  2. Select a clinic 

  3. Click 'Book Appointment'

  4. Choose an available date & time

  5. We will call to confirm your appointment

Call +254 745 399 495

Our online store has a range of safe, natural, quality medicine, nutritional supplements and fitness gear. Place your order today and we will deliver them to your doorstep.

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It's exactly one year now since I joined the weight management clinic and I have gone from 120kgs and maintained my ideal weight of 78kgs. Eric, Kenya

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